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About TDRS

'A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before'
- Jean-Francois Lyotard

TDRS (Technology Development Research & Support) is a Mount Gambier Based Family Business. TDRS is primarily focused on providing exceptional ICT (information and communications technology) to over 350 clients in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria.

The business has grown from one employee at inception to eight employees currently.

  • Brett Pittard - ICT Consultant/Director of Company
  • Peta Wright – IT Consultant and Office Manager
  • Dacey Groves – Administration Trainee
  • Rob Mitchinson – IT Consultant/Technical Expert
  • Doug Carrison – IT Consultant/Technical Expert
  • Craig Linder – IT Consultant / Technical Trainee
  • Jim Hogevonder – IT Consultant
  • Jay Lane – Licensed Electrician & Cabler

Our business is determined to stay in front of emerging technologies, in order to provide the best possible solution to our unique client needs. We have noted that clients are now embracing new methodologies due to an increased understanding of their reliance on technology and the benefits it can bring. In particular there has been an increase in reliance on networking and portable devices (Smartphones / Tablets / Virtualisation / etc). TDRS prides itself on significant effort invested in making e-commerce accessible and functional for even the smallest of businesses.

Occupational health, safety and welfare is a major focus of TDRS, both for its staff and its clients. We encourage hands free use of portable devices, regular review and maintenance of cabling (to minimise risk of fire etc) and provide e-waste services to our all of our clients to ensure that the harmful chemicals and minerals contained within technological devices are appropriately disposed of to reduce likelihood of harm to humans and the environment.

TDRS can truly be defined as a ‘learning organisation’ given the pace of technological development. We subscribe to a range of leading edge publications, support study leave and encourage personal and professional growth through new opportunities linked to increasing responsibilities. We maintain a proportional response to our clients needs to determine staff development requirements. Additionally TDRS has established, through its significant networks, a range of consultants who are available to step in and provide support to our customers upon any related matter.

The heart and soul of TDRS is our clients. We have expanded over time without comprising on the values that have maintained our client base. Our relationships have formed over time, are mutually beneficial and transcend the service we provide. We create a conduit between clients and have successfully recommended many of our clients to other clients. Our business does not rely upon advertising to create new business. The quality of our service recommends itself. Our reputation and growth is reliant on word of mouth. We assess customer satisfaction by measuring our consistent and continual incremental growth.

TDRS is proud to function as a network hub for its clients. We place community firmly at the centre of our business evidenced by our sponsorship of local sporting and welfare organisations (Pioneers, Blue Lake Soccer Club, South East Animal Welfare League, Port MacDonnell Pistol Club and South East Dressage Association). We regularly host work experience students and were pleased to recently be client-nominated for and win the Rotary International ‘Pride of Workmanship’ award.

Community focus distinguishes TDRS from its competitors – we thrive in line with our community. We understand that our success is dependent upon the success of the citizens of this region and for this reason – we put our clients, the community at the centre of our business.

Mount Gambier is growing, and we intend to be at the core of that growth.

TDRS proudly use the following technologies:

Kaspersky DrayTek